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Payment gateway for the agricultural sector and the legal cannabis industry

Agriculture and technology company Blockcannan announced the launch of a new tool for small agricultural producers and other participants in the legal cannabis industry to accept and issue payments using a dapp-generated QR code from any smartphone.

BeCannan Pay is a dApp (decentralized application) based on the ethereum blockchain that will allow different actors in the agricultural industry and legal cannabis, whether they are banked or not, the possibility of obtaining the token through the platform and in this way, access to multiple services and future developments offered by the company, such as the leasing of their land, agricultural packages and cannabis extract. According to Martin Maffei, director of innovation and development at Blockcannan SAS, the “Blockcannan CBD” smart contract will allow the end customer to verify on the Blockcannan platform that the cannabis extract they acquired comes from a farm certified by the Colombian government.

The cryptographic tool will have an authentication system in the medium term where the client will be able to verify through their fingerprint or facial recognition the shipment of CBD made from another wallet or exchange. In addition to protecting your data on the ethereum blockchain. It should be noted that shipments in CBD are faster and cheaper than a traditional entity. “It is impossible for someone without permission to access the accounts of small farmers and other participants without the encrypted password,” says Maffei.

The Blockcannan wallet will be available in mid-May, its architecture will allow interoperability and token storage for the legal cannabis industry “Blockcannan CBD” and other crypto assets.

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